Total insulation from the the other customers

If you are searching to get a less expensive option to upgrade to some more effective hosting service, our VPS servers are just the perfect solution you need.

With Apache Website Hosting, you’re the master of your individual server and you won’t need to split it with anyone. You’ve got the exact same liberty that you could have only with a dedicated web server. With complete root access, it will be possible to modify and change whatever you like and also add any software of your choosing.

And, in case something occurs to your information, we’re going to recover the whole Virtual Private Server from our backup.

Total root and SSH access

Analogous to using a dedicated server, with a Virtual Private Server (VPS) you’ve got complete root access for your website hosting environment. By result of this it’s possible update anything on the server as well as reboot it when you need to.

Because of this you have the flexibility to set up apps that usually can’t be put in under a typical hosting account (ffmpeg, for example). You can make the online video sharing portal you’ve constantly wished for, or a media–rich website with video converting functionality.

If you need assistance with the server, our tech support team is accessible 24x7x365 to assist you with any kind of question or issue that you could have.

OpenVZ VPS Servers

At Apache Website Hosting, we offer you OpenVZ VPS Servers.

The OpenVZ VPS Servers, , the open–source SolusVM panel .

VPS solutions, , root , Operating Systems. backups .

Various data center possible choices

We are aware the Data Center location can be an essential element for the functionality of your web sites and we provide you with a couple of locations for you – in the USA, in the UK and in Australia. All data centers offer an outstanding website hosting setting for your Virtual Private Server.

Regardless of what data center you pick out, your Virtual Private Server will be provided with excellent connectivity to the rest of the world on account of a totally dependable network based on Juniper routers and switches.

Your media–heavy web sites are going to be in a safe location plus a staff of admins is going to be supervising the network onsite to ensure a 99.9% network uptime. The values and the features of Apache Website Hosting’s VPS Servers are exactly the same in all of the data centers, which means you should opt for the location which is nearest to your targeted visitors.

You really have more server resources than you pay for

We have at all times tried to deliver the very best deal to all our customers and with Apache Website Hosting’s VPS Servers, each client can get a lot for what he/she pays for.

All the time, there are plenty of available assets on the master VPS servers. All these assets are offered to any Virtual Private Server that needs them. Which means even when your Virtual Private Server offers 512 MB of RAM, in case there are free RAM resources found on the master machine, the Virtual Private Server can use all of them provided it needs them, provided that it’s not dangerous for the server.

Therefore, with the VPS Servers, you may make better use of your allocated resources and usually take advantage of more memory allocations thanks to the one–of–a–kind virtualization technology employed on the VPS platform.